Making a Picture Collage

A photo collage is an original element of interior design and a great opportunity to create a fusion of several photos bound together by a common topic, event or other relation. You donít need to be a professional to create a great-looking collage. All you need is good imagination and a creative approach to the process of making a picture collage.

Making a picture collage

Today, you can find countless collages of different styles and types. These may include poster collages, thematic collages, event collages, congratulation collages and many others. Every collage combines several photos and tells a story about the life and hobbies of its owner. Therefore, there are some rules during making a picture collage.

What are the key elements of a good digital collage?

1. Photos. Quality of photos is very important. For example, if you want to create a wishes collage, you will probably need to fit many photos on the canvas. Later, when photos are downscaled in the collage, they will lose the original quality. Therefore, you should take care of this problem in advance.

2. Topic. The main topic of your collage should be defined before you start working on it. Once done, find some photos that reflect the idea of your collage in the best possible way. So if you are making a collage about your vacation, pick the best and brightest shots. These photos should tell a story to remember.

3. Composition. If you want to create a proper collage, pay extra attention to the mutual location of its elements. A collage may be composed of a number of other elements besides photos: decorations, text labels and so forth. Make sure that different parts of your collage are visually compatible.

4. Decoration. Another very important step of collage creation is decoration. As noted above, a collage may include various design elements: frames, clipart, effects and a lot more. A photo collage with properly selected decorations will add unique individuality and charm to your interior design. However, donít get carried away Ė everything should be added in good measure.

5. Software. If you decided to create a photo collage, you should be very attentive choosing the right tool. The program must be reliable and functional. We recommend using photo collage software from AMS Soft. Photo Collage Maker is a comprehensive tool for creating colorful photo collages of various types. The product is easy to use and wonít take a lot of time to get used to. It offers a large set of features that will help you create a collage and pick the right decorations for it.

Making a picture collage is fun and easy with Photo Collage Maker!

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