How to Make a Dream Collage

Dreaming is a means of dealing with difficulties, something that saves us from depression and desperation when we enter a losing streak. A person without a dream does not live, but exists and has no goals. However, fulfilling a dream takes more than desire only. Itís important that a person clearly understands what he or she wants to get in the end or, speaking in scientific terms, is capable of visualizing the goal. So if you want to know what goals you are pursuing, you may want to create a photo collage of your dream.

How to Make a Dream Collage

A dream collage is a type of image or composition that depicts you in your desired reality. By creating a dream collage, you do not just visualize you goals, but make them more detailed and better-defined. The mechanism of our thinking makes us start moving towards a goal only after we have fully grasped its essence. Unconscious actions usually produce no effect at all.

You can create a collage of your dream with your own hands by pinning photos to a sheet of paper and signing them. Alternatively, you can use a computer program for collage generation Ė for instance, Photo Collage Maker. This software will help you create a collage of your dream quickly and efficiently.

Creating a collage of your dream in Photo Collage Maker is really easy. Start a new collage project and place a personal photo in the center of the canvas. The central photo should be surrounded by photos symbolizing your dreams and desires. Edges of photos can be blurred using masks. They can be found in the "Decoration" menu of the program. You can find the best-looking combinations by changing the location of photos on the canvas and their size.

To create a dream collage, you will first need to create a list of desires it will reflect. As a rule, you will want to place your own smiling photo in the very center of the collage and then divide it into several zones: love zone, fortune zone, career zone, kids zone, traveling zone and fame zone. Wishes or desires must be sincere and positive, since you should feel good every time you look at your collage in the future and want to succeed even more.

Once you are done with the wish list, you can start looking for the right photos. Choose them responsibly Ė the better photos you pick, the higher the chance of your success is. Luckily, you can now find all kinds of images online. Of course, you can create a collage from things and events you dream about, but it wonít be enough. You must be a part of these events. For instance, if you dream about a cool sports car, you canít just place its photo in the fortune zone. The most important thing here is to place yourself right next to your dream.

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