How To Make A Collage On The Computer

Lots of people have a large number of photographs from different events in their lives stored on their computers. Birthdays, work parties, New Year, holidays on the beach or just chance photos and many more! The obvious question is, "How can I put my photos together so that I can show them beautifully to my friends and family?" Our solution is simple but very original; make a collage of your photographs on your computer. Photo Collage Maker helps you unleash your creativity!

The French word collage literally means "sticking". This is an artistic application for creating a work of art from different images, sticking them on paper, canvas or digitally. Photo collage appeared as a type of visual art in the 19th Century. At that time photo collages were created by cutting up photographs and sticking them in a certain way. Photo collages were often used to hide defects in the photographs of the time. For example, some photographs underwent combined printing to increase the brightness of the blue tone on pictures.

How to make a collage on the computer? The appearance of digital technology brought about the wonderful ability to create digital photo collages by using special computer software. Photo Collage Maker from AMS Software makes it possible to make an effective composition from photographs in just a couple of minutes. This is a convenient and high quality program which helps create photo collages from the most different kinds of photographs. It is very easy to make a collage on your computer and takes just a few simple steps.

First choose the type of collage and its size. The editor has over a hundred ready made templates to help you make a photo collage quickly and efficiently: weddings, children, New year, abstract, etc. You just add photographs, choose a frame, mask or clipart and your bright photo collage is ready! Thanks to the wide range of functions, as well as the ready made templates, you can make photo collages in a wide variety of styles.

Photo Collage Maker has a large collection of frames and decorations with all kinds of themes, which make it possible to use special filters to process images and to make the most unusual and memorable collages for all occasions. Colourful desktop wallpapers, bright wall posters, beautiful themed collages are only a few of the possibilities that Photo Collage Maker provides.

Thatís how to make a collage on the computer!

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